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World leaders at UN have something to say to Putin on Ukraine war: STOP

World leaders met at the UN General Assembly on Monday as the Russian invasion of Ukraine has taken a turning point as Moscow races to stage fake votes in Ukraine’s annexed regions as Kyiv seeks to retake its territory. tries.

In a passionate speech, French President Emmanuel Macron alleged Vladimir Putin of “imperialism”.

“Those who remain silent today – in spite of themselves or in secret with a certain complicity – are serving for a new imperialism, a contemporary cynic that is destroying the world order,” Macron said. .

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Macron warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was dividing the world and restoring an “era of colonialism”.

“When I hear Russia saying that it is ready for new cooperation without hegemony and a new international order, it’s a long story. On what basis? Invading your neighbor, not respecting your borders to you. Don’t like. What is this order? Who is the hegemony today? Russia,” he said.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Russian President Vladimir Putin should give up on his “imperial ambitions” that risk destroying Ukraine and feel he cannot win the war.

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“This is why we will not accept any peace determined by Russia and that is why Ukraine should be able to withstand an attack from Russia,” Scholz said.

On the other hand, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan highlighted his role as a mediator.

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