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What did Prince William inherit after Charles III ascended the throne?

With Charles III’s ascension to the throne after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, Charles’ eldest son received the title of Prince of Wales in addition to his royal title of Duke of Cornwall. With his new title, Prince William has also become the new owner of a luxurious estate.

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Prince William now owns The Prince of Wales’ Guesthouse, a private “nature retreat … hidden among the meadows and hills of the Zalan Valley”, the New York Post reported. The retreat features horseback riding and visits to local craft studios in the Carpathian foothills and is administered by the Prince of Wales Charitable Fund. It also manages Duchy Organic, the largest organic food brand in the UK, which sells items including olive oil, cookies and strawberry preserves.

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The report states that profits from both businesses exceed US$3.4 million annually.

Currently, Prince William owns the Duchy of Cornwall estate with a net worth of US$1.2 billion. The property includes the Oval Cricket Ground in South London, Dartmoor Prison and a large project of 4,000 residences.

Apart from this, Prince William will also take care of his father’s property at Highgrove House.



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