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Westminster Abbey: the historic church where the Queen will be cremated

Queen Elizabeth IIHis funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey. emperor’s coffin lay-in-state before the Westminster Hall will be transferred to nearby Westminster Abbey Mayotte, The Historic Church of Central London has played a significant role in this. Queen Elizabeth IIlife of.

1937: King George VI, father of Elizabeth II, is crowned in the church on May 12.

1947: Queen Elizabeth II Married Philip on 20 November in a ceremony broadcast around the world.

1953: Queen Elizabeth IIThe coronation took place on June 2 in a service that lasted almost three hours in the church.

1997: Princess Diana is cremated at Westminster Abbey as nearly a million people stand in the streets. When Cortez passed Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth bowed her head in public.

2002: April 9 funeral Queen ElizabethHis mother was kept in the church.

2011: Prince William and Kate Middleton wed at Westminster Abbey.

2022: The Queen The last time she visited Westminster Abbey in March this year for a delayed memorial service for her late husband Prince Philip, who died in April 2021.

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