1. Caught in the zero-covid trap
    China’s strategy of lockdown and mass testing, which was understood in a world without vaccines, has now gone past its sales date. Anantha Krishnan reports what extreme measures and the expansion of state power mean for the daily lives of residents.
  2. Geopolitics without geoeconomics, a fool’s mistake
    Happyman Jacob writes, India’s current policy of pursuing geopolitical goals without geo-economic ballast is a retrograde step.
  3. For India, now the motto is ‘all-alignment’
    Suhasini Haider writes that its participation in the SCO summit is a clear sign of pursuing multi-alignment with its partners across the globe.
  4. Will the future of the Commonwealth change?
    After the reign of Queen Elizabeth, will many nations follow the path of Barbados and break away from the British monarchy? Narayan Laxman explains.
  5. Disruptive Alliance between China and Pakistan
    Susan Chinoy writes that there is no doubt that China uses Pakistan as a proxy military and nuclear power against India.