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Video: Putin’s partial military call-up sparks massive protests in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin The Associated Press reported that Wednesday’s announcement of a partial mobilization of reservists has sparked rare and large-scale protests in Russia, leading to nearly 1,200 arrests. This move, which came after setbacks Putin’s army Nearly seven months after Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine, there is a way for the Russian president to consolidate his forces in Ukraine.

The West saw the move as an acknowledgment of weakness by Putin, as well as a potential escalation of the war. The move left the Russians scrambling to buy plane ticket To flee the country for fear of call-ups.

Watch the video here:

In-spite of this harsh laws of russiaAngered by the mobilization move, protesters raised anti-war slogans in cities across the country. In Moscow, in the first 15 minutes of the protest, at least a dozen were arrested, The Associated Press reported.

Russian President Vladimir PutinIn his address, he also warned the West that it was not bluffing about using everything at its disposal to defend Russia – an apparent reference to its nuclear arsenal.

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