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US President Joe Biden to leave for London to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will depart for the UK on Friday (local time) to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, The latter breathed his last on 9 September.

In the morning the President and First Lady will leave the White House and arrive at Joint Base Andrews to depart for London. Departures from the South Lawn will be open press, read the White House press release.

President and First Lady will Pay Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Saturday. They will both sign the official condolence book for Queen Elizabeth II at the venue.

They will also attend a reception hosted by His Majesty King Charles III.

Biden and Jill will attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral at Westminster Abbey on September 19 and leave for the United States the same day, the release said.

All heads of state traveling to London for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral have been invited to join the lay-in-state at Westminster Hall and sign a book of condolence at Lancaster House ahead of Monday’s state funeral.

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However, opening a new diplomatic rift with Beijing, a Chinese government delegation has been denied permission by House of Commons officials to attend the Queen’s State at Westminster Hall, London, Politico familiar with the matter said. Quoting a senior Parliamentarian, he said. ,

Britons will relive the glorious life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II at her state funeral on Monday. For the funeral, everything from political heads of countries to individual members of the royal family and dignitaries from around the world will fly to Britain.

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Although the official guest list has not yet been released, the New York Post has shared Names of some countries that did not make the cut. They are Russia, Belarus, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Syria and Venezuela.

According to the online publication, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently wished King Charles III on his accession, however, the country was still turned down by Britain as he had not received an invitation to the funeral.

It is also interesting to note here that invitations were sent to North Korea, Iran and Nicaragua, although they were sent only to their ambassadorial representatives and not to the head of state.

Another news that happened recently was that former US President Donald Trump would also be in attendance, however, the UK government, according to the New York Post, dismissed the rumor saying that only the current US President and his wife Will participate.

The New York Post further reports that 750,000 people will be present at the funeral. More than US$7 million (about Rs 59 crore) will be spent to tighten security for the Queen’s funeral on September 19.

According to the New York Post, guarding Queen Elizabeth’s funeral will be the costliest one-day operation in UK history, costing more than USD 7.5 million.

British Mi5 and Mi6 intelligence agencies, London’s Metropolitan Police and the Secret Service will work together to secure the unprecedented number of foreign leaders expected at the funeral on Monday.

The New York Post quoted Simon Morgan, a former Royal Security officer, as “the largest police action ever taken by the police of the United Kingdom.”

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