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US, India ‘very close’ defense ties: Pentagon

Washington: The Pentagon dismissed questions about the latest multinational military exercises involving Russia, India and China, saying the United States has very close defense ties with India.

“India is a sovereign nation, they can make their own decisions in terms of who they are going to exercise with,” Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said in his press conference on Tuesday.

“Certainly, we have appreciated our partnership with India in this area. As you know, they are an important partner. And we will continue to work closely with them,” he said while answering a question on India’s participation in war games with Russia and China.

“He has participated in games – war games with Russia and China, which some people find a bit troubling,” he was asked.

“We have a very close partnership and relationship – defense relationship with India. We will obviously continue to work with India to further develop that relationship,” Ryder said.

Vostok military exercises were held from 1 to 7 September at various locations in the Russian Far East amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Several countries including India and China are participating in the exercise.

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