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UN chief Antonio Guterres warns global leaders, ‘The world is in crisis and paralyzed’

United Nations: In a shocking assessment, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told world leaders on Tuesday that nations are mired in an enormous global crisis, and are unprepared or unprepared to deal with the great challenges that face the future of humanity and the fate of the planet. are at risk for.

Speaking at the opening of the General Assembly’s annual top-level meeting, the UN chief spoke on the recent reversals of progress in the United Nations such as the war in Ukraine, the escalating conflict around the world, the climate emergency, the dire financial situation of developing countries and the like. pointed to. Goals to end extreme poverty and provide quality education to all children.

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“Our world is in danger – and paralyzed,” Guterres said. But he said there is hope. Emphasizing that cooperation and dialogue is the only way forward, he warned that “no power or group can take the shot alone.” He urged the leaders gathered in the huge General Assembly Hall, “Let us work as one, as a coalition of the world, as one United Nations.”

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