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Ukraine’s military claims Iranian suicide drone used by Russia

UkraineThe U.S. military on Tuesday claimed for the first time that it encountered an Iranian-supplied suicide drone used by Russia on the battlefield, reflecting the deepening ties between Moscow and Tehran as the Islamic Republic’s nuclear deal with world powers The agreement is in limbo.

US intelligence publicly warned in July that Tehran planned to send hundreds of bomb-carrying drones to Russia to aid in its war on Ukraine. While Iran initially denied this, the chief of its paramilitary Revolutionary Guard has claimed arms to the world’s top powers in recent days.

The Directorate of Strategic Communications of the Military of Ukraine published photos of the wreckage of the drone. It resembles a triangle, or delta-shaped, drone flown by Iran known as Shahad-136, or “witness” in Persian.

The Ukrainian military said the drones encountered near Kupiyansk in the midst of an invasion of Kyiv, which has punched through Russian lines around Kharkiv on the Eastern Front.

The image suggested that the Martyr drone was shot down by Ukrainian forces and did not detonate on impact as designed, although other information was immediately released by Kyiv. An inscription on the drone identified it as “M214 Gran-2”, which did not immediately match the known Russian weapon.

Iran’s mission to the United Nations did not respond to a request for comment. Russia did not accept Ukraine’s claim.

In an intelligence update on Wednesday, the British military similarly noted the Ukrainian firing claim, saying “Russia is very likely to deploy Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles into Ukraine for the first time.”

The British stated, “The loss of a Martyr-136 near the front lines suggests that there is a real possibility that Russia may be attempting to use the system to conduct tactical strikes rather than more strategic targets in the territory of Ukraine.” has been,” said the British.

Iran has several versions of the martyrdom, having overrun a US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf that was used by Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen, attacked an oil depot in Saudi Arabia and one off Oman in 2021. Two sailors aboard the oil tanker were reportedly killed.

The triangle-shaped martyr is believed to be about 2,500 kilometers (1,550 mi), the British military said.

Iran has released few details about the drone, although it appeared in military propaganda footage in January 2021.

Experts refer to such bomb-carrying drones as “infiltration warships”. The drone flies to a destination, possibly programmed prior to its flight, and explodes into the air upon impact either above or against the target.

Iran has come closer to Russia after facing crushing sanctions over the collapse of the nuclear deal in 2018 after then-President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the deal. Negotiations on the deal, in which Iran limits its enrichment of uranium in exchange for the lifting of sanctions, appear to be deadlocked.

Ukraine and Iran also have strained relations, with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet in 2020, killing all 176 people on board.

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