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Russia’s ominous missile move sparks fear Vladimir Putin may use nuclear: report

Moscow has secretly transferred around 100 air defense missiles from Belarus to Russia, sparking fears of a major escalation in Ukraine over whether Vladimir Putin will use nuclear weapons, The Mirror reported.

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The report suggested that the air-freight scores of the S-300 and S-400 may also be a precaution against retaliation from Ukraine for Russia’s recent blitz.

“Whatever it takes for Russia to attack Ukraine, the Kremlin is expecting retaliation from Ukraine or the West on its own soil. Analysts believe the two are linked, with these missile moves made so quickly just before this week’s massive bombings.

“But more ominously, they may be signaling that worse is yet to come, and that they are preparing for a major response to this activity,” the report said.

The report further claimed, “There is talk of dirty bomb”.

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About 20 IL-76 large military transport flights from November 9-13 were recorded from Belarus to military airfields in western and southern Russia, the outlet reported, each loaded with pallets of missiles, at least 70 in total. There were missiles.

The missile deployment came as 83,460 Russian soldiers were killed in the offensive since 24 February, 2,879 tanks destroyed, 278 aircraft hit and 1,536 destroyed.

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