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Russian President Vladimir Putin survives another ‘assassination attempt’

MoscowRussian President Vladimir Putin’s limousine was allegedly attacked in an “assassination attempt” amid the raging war between Russia and Ukraine. According to reports released on Wednesday, the left front wheel of Vladimir Putin’s limousine exploded “loudly” and was followed by heavy smoke. However, the President’s car was immediately ejected as smoke was coming out of it.

According to reports, the incident happened when Vladimir Putin was returning to his official residence. The date of the accident is unknown. However, several arrests have been made in connection with the attempt to murder.

“The head of the president’s bodyguard and several others have been suspended and are in custody because only security personnel knew about Putin’s movement in the congregation,” media reports said.

“After the incident, three of them went missing. These were exactly the same people who were in the first car of the convoy.”

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According to media reports, “their fate is currently unknown. The car in which they were traveling was found empty a few kilometers away from the incident.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have survived five assassination attempts and is reportedly now so fearful for his life that he has surrounded himself with an elite team of snipers.

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