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Russia says long-range US missiles for Ukraine will ‘cross the red line’

Russia’s foreign ministry said on Thursday that if the United States decided to supply long-range missiles to Kyiv, it would cross the “red line” and become “one side of the conflict”.

At a briefing, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Russia “reserves the right to defend its territory”.

Washington has supplied Ukraine with advanced rockets that can hit targets up to 80 km (50 miles) away, while still holding back from publicly announcing it would send rockets more than twice that range. US officials say Ukraine has promised not to use American rockets to strike Russian territory.

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“If Washington decides to supply long-range missiles to Kyiv, it will cross a red line, and become a direct side to the conflict,” Zakharova said.

Ukraine requested and received large quantities of weapons from the United States and other Western allies to help resist Russian armed forces sent to Ukraine in February.

Moscow says it sent troops to use Ukraine as a platform for Western aggression and to protect Russian-speakers. Kyiv and its Western allies dismiss these arguments as baseless excuses for an imperialist-style attack.

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