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Putin’s blast, America’s efforts to maintain global dominance

Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 20 described as US efforts to maintain its global dominance ordered officials to boost arms production amid fighting in Ukraine.

Receiving a certificate from the foreign ambassadors in Moscow, Mr. Putin said, “Purposeful development towards a multipolar world faces resistance from those who seek to maintain their hegemony in global affairs and seek to maintain their hegemony in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Asia.” Africa – try to control everything.”

He continued, “The hegemony has been successful in doing this for a long time, but it cannot last forever … regardless of developments in Ukraine.”

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Mr Putin has repeatedly made his decision to send troops to Ukraine in response to alleged Western encroachments on Russia’s vital security interests.

The Russian leader described Western sanctions against Russia in Ukraine as part of efforts by the US and its allies to strengthen its position, but alleged they backfired against its organizers and hurt poor countries as well. .

“As far as Russia is concerned, we will not deviate from our sovereign path,” Mr Putin said.

Later speaking during a separate meeting on military industries, he said that Russian weapons have shown high efficiency during the fighting in Ukraine and asked the authorities to rapidly increase the output of military industries.

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“Our equipment efficiently withstands Western types of weapons,” Mr. Putin said. “Practically all NATO weapons stockpiles have been brought to Kyiv to support the current regime.”

Mr Putin said Russia should study Western weapons to improve its arsenal.

He said, “We can learn from these arsenals, what they have, whatever they use against us, they increase our capability qualitatively and improve our equipment, our weapons. Where we need to do it.”

Mr Putin said he has ordered a boost to the allocation of new weapons, more credit to military industries and to approve additional payments to his workers to increase weapons production.

“The structures of the military-industrial complex should deliver the necessary weapons and equipment in the shortest possible time,” Mr. Putin said.



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