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Putin ‘wants to bleed hands…’: Jailed Kremlin on call for mobilization

Prisoned Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny said a partial mobilization was announced on Wednesday President Vladimir Putin A video statement during one of his court cases would lead to “huge tragedy”.

Appearing in the court via video-link, Navalny said, “It will result in a great tragedy, with huge amount of deaths.”

Putin’s main rival Navalny said, “In order to maintain his personal power, Putin is tormenting a neighboring country, killing people there and now sending large numbers of Russian citizens to this war.”

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“It is clear that this criminal war that is going on… is only getting worse and worse and Putin wants to involve more and more people,” Navalny said.

“Putin wants to bleed the hands of millions,” Navalny said.

Several opposition activists on social media have called for protests in Russian cities on Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered partial mobilization in Ukraine’s Moscow-held regions after an abrupt referendum was announced.

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