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President of Uzbekistan: Afghans need ‘good neighbours’, help them with moral obligation

Invoking the “Samarkand spirit” ahead of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit to be held on 14 and 15 September, Uzbekistan President Shaukat Mirziyoyev has said that the people of Afghanistan need “good neighbors” and want to expand it. for “moral obligations”. Extending a helping hand and providing them with effective ways to overcome the crisis that has been going on for years.

In an article published for the Indian Express, Mirziyoyev wrote: “Afghanistan, which has for centuries played a buffer role in the historic confrontation of global and regional powers, must embark on a new peaceful mission of connecting Central and South Asia.”

In this context, he said that the creation of the “Trans-Afghan Corridor” can become a symbol of such mutually beneficial inter-regional cooperation. “It is also important to understand that by implementing joint infrastructure projects like the Termez-Mazar-e-Sharif-Kabul-Peshawar railroad, we are not only solving socio-economic, transport and communication problems, but also making a significant contribution to are giving. Ensuring regional security,” Mirziyoyev said in his article.

“I strongly believe that it is important and necessary for the SCO to share its success story with Afghanistan. This country is an integral part of the larger SCO region. The Afghan people need better neighbors and their support now than ever before. It is our moral obligation to extend a helping hand, by promoting the socio-economic development of the country, and by promoting its integration into regional and global development processes, to provide them with effective ways to deal with the crisis that has been going on for years. , “They said.

“By bringing our positions closer to each other, together we can develop a new SCO agenda for a more peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan. Only in this way can we achieve a truly stable and sustainable SCO place with inseparable security.” can create,” he wrote.

He said: “The basis of the international attractiveness of the SCO is its non-bloc status, openness, non-targeting against third countries or international organizations, equality and respect for the sovereignty of all participants, refusal to interfere in internal affairs, as that as well as the prevention of political confrontation and unhealthy rivalry.”

“The success concept of SCO is to promote multi-faceted cooperation through ensuring regional security. In fact, the SCO is said to be the center of attraction in the name of peace, cooperation and progress without dividing lines,” he wrote .

He said, “Uzbekistan’s presidency in the SCO has fallen on a dynamic period, filled with various events and trends – a period of “historic rift”, when one era ends and another begins – thus far. Unexpected and unknown.”

“The modern system of international cooperation based on universal principles and norms tends to falter. One of the main reasons for this is a deep crisis of trust at the global level, which, in turn, provokes a geopolitical conflict and risks reviving bloc thinking stereotypes. This process of mutual alienation complicates its former course of development of the world economy and the restoration of the global supply chain. ”

referring to the war UkraineHe added: “The ongoing armed conflict in the world destabilizes trade and investment flows, exacerbating the problems of ensuring food and energy security.”

PM to attend SCO summit Narendra ModiChinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif and Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi among other leaders.



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