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Parliament committee recommends impeachment of CJ Rana

A majority of Parliament committee set up to look into the corruption charges against Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher recommended that the full House initiate impeachment proceedings against CJ – barely four hours before the House’s term ends.

The 11-member panel followed party lines with six in favor of the proceedings, while the remainder insisted that there were not sufficient grounds to proceed with impeachment. However, it is not yet clear what Ram will do after the House’s failure to impeach him, as he still has 87 days left for his retirement. Sources close to him said, “He can now move the court, as his suspension is automatically revoked after the conclusion of the House.”

According to a letter written to the Parliament Secretariat, the session of the present House will end from the midnight of September 17. The process of submitting the list of candidates under the proportional representation system will start from Sunday.

In all, 97 lawmakers from the ruling coalition had signed a notice in early March seeking impeachment against Rana, on the grounds that he had indulged in corruption and that his conduct was not in line with Hugh’s office. The move alienated many, as the Speaker, who belonged to the ruling coalition, took six months to take up the matter and form a mandatory parliamentary committee to investigate if it deserved further proceedings.

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