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Over 100 flights to Heathrow Airport canceled on Monday due to Queen’s funeral: report

According to a media report on Thursday, more than 100 flights to London’s busy Heathrow Airport will be canceled on Monday to “avoid the noise” during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

West London Airport announced that 15 percent of its 12,000 flights would be disrupted due to take-off or landing on Monday, 19 September, Sky News reports.

The report said British Airways – the worst affected airline – will be canceling 100 short-haul flights because of the restrictions.

Earlier, Heathrow said he wanted to ensure that London’s skies remained calm during the two-minute national silence as the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey ended shortly before noon.

No flight shall be permitted to take off or land for 15 minutes to 15 minutes after the commencement of the silence.

Departures and arrivals will also be halted during the arrival of funeral crews and processions at Windsor Castle, and will be diverted around the castle during private family service on Monday nights.

A Heathrow spokesperson said: “Heathrow, NETS (air traffic control provider) and airlines are supporting the ceremonial aspects for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on Monday and the Commitment Service at Windsor Castle.

“As a mark of respect, the airport to and from the airport will be subject to appropriate changes, so as to avoid noise interference at certain locations at specific times on Monday,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying.

Some flights in and out of Heathrow Airport were disrupted on Wednesday afternoon to ensure silence in central London during the procession carrying the Queen’s coffin to Westminster Hall.

On Wednesday, the BBC reported that non-standard aircraft, including drones flying below 2,500 feet (760 metres), have been banned from flying over central London until after the funeral on 19 September.

In a tweet, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that it will take “enforcement action against anyone who uses a drone without permission”.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said an additional central London and Windsor ban would be issued in due course.

Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 on 8 September at her Balmoral Castle summer residence in Scotland.

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