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Muifa storm intensifies, likely to knock in East China

Muifa has intensified into a strong typhoon and is expected to strengthen as it moves through the East China Sea, making landfall in coastal areas of Zhejiang province on Wednesday as a Chinese national. weather The forecaster warned on Tuesday.

The Central Meteorological Administration (CMA), which issued an “orange” warning, said the center of Muifa was about 490 km (304.5 mi) southeast of Jiangshan city in Zhejiang province. Weather forecasters issued warnings for gusty winds in the affected areas.

China It has a four-tiered, color-coded weather-alert system, with red representing the most severe warnings, followed by orange, yellow and blue.
The CMA said the storm, China’s twelfth year, will continue to move in a northwest direction after making landfall and then gradually weaken.

State television reported the possibility of large waves in the southern part of the East China Sea and dangerous sea conditions in the Zhejiang and Fujian coastal waters due to Muifa.

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