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look | Russian Ambassador Denis Alipov on Russia-India Relations

Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov spoke to ANI about India’s stand in the Russo-Ukraine war, India’s oil exports from Russia and the foundation of Russia-India relations.

Mr. Alipov said, “We appreciate India’s approach; coherent, very well balanced and independent. India is well aware of the origins of the crisis. The current regime in Kyiv has become a very clear anti-Russian project. On us Ukraine has been accused of an unreasonable and unprovoked invasion, an argument that we will not accept. We consider this to be wrong on both counts, so India is well aware of the complexity of the Ukrainian conflict and of its own national interest. works accordingly.”

He also explained the reason behind the increase in Russian crude oil imports in India.

“India being a consumer, is naturally looking for the cheapest offers and Russia, deprived of its traditional markets in Europe, is looking for new markets,” he said. “We seek to further expand our relations in the region by promoting ongoing dialogue and cooperation based on long-term arrangements and agreements.”



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