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King Charles Pledges ‘Extra Duty’ to Protect Britain’s Faith Diversity

King Charles said he had always thought of Britain as a “community of communities”.

King Charles said he had always thought of Britain as a “community of communities”.

King Charles III The United Kingdom has pledged to uphold an “extra duty” as a new monarch to protect the diversity of the UK and to be sovereign of all communities around the Commonwealth.

Addressing a group of faith leaders in the Bow Room of Buckingham Palace on Friday evening, days before the coffin of their mother Queen Elizabeth II to take a rest Ahead of her final visit to Westminster Hall, the 73-year-old royal said she has always thought of Britain as a “community of communities”.

As a committed Anglican Christian, Charles said he believed in protecting space for all religions, building on the foundation laid by his “beloved mother”.

“I have always thought of Britain as a community of communities,” King said in an address to the nearly 30 religious leaders invited to the palace.

“It has come to my sense that the sovereign has an additional duty – to be less formally recognized but no less diligently discharged. It is this duty to protect the diversity of our country, which includes religions, cultures, It involves protecting the place for faith and its practice through traditions and beliefs, to which our hearts and minds direct us as individuals,” he said.

“This diversity is not only enshrined in the laws of our country, it is rooted in my own belief,” he said.

The king mentioned that at his coronation, expected to take place the following year, he would take an oath relating to the “settlement of the Church of England” and that upon his accession, he would follow in the footsteps of other kings already in history. Pledge to uphold and protect the Protestant religion in Scotland.

However, as a member of the Church of England, he stated that he has love at heart in his Christian beliefs and feels obliged to respect those who follow other spiritual paths, as well as those who are secular. I want to live my life according to ideals. ,

“The beliefs that flourish and contribute to our richly diverse society are different. They, and our society, flourish only through a clear collective commitment to those important principles of freedom of conscience, generosity of spirit, and caring for others.” Which, to me, is the essence of our nationalism,” he said.

“As a king, I am wholeheartedly determined to preserve and promote those principles for all communities and all faiths,” he said.

Attendees at the gathering included priests from the Catholic Church, the Greek Orthodox Church and the Church of Scotland, as well as the chief rabbi of London and a Zoroastrian priest.

Soon after the reception, Charles made his way to inspect a vigil near the late Queen’s coffin, Who’s Late-in-State at Westminster Hall Till his state funeral in London on Monday. In vigil, he was joined by his younger siblings – Princess Anne and Princesses Andrew and Edward.



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