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Iran frees US citizen, clearing a roadblock to reviving nuclear deal

His lawyer said that 85-year-old Iranian American Baker Namazi, who was jailed in Iran on charges of espionage that the United States called baseless, is on his way to Oman on Wednesday after Iranian officials asked him for medical treatment. was allowed to leave.

“Bakar Namazi, 85, is on his way to Muscat, Oman after more than 6.5 years of illegal detention in Iran,” Namazi family lawyer Jared Jenser said in a statement, referring to the time. Namazi was jailed as well as released from prison but was effectively barred from leaving Iran.

“After a brief transit, he will travel to Abu Dhabi and then undergo a carotid endarterectomy at the Cleveland Clinic[there]to remove a severe blockage in his left internal carotid artery (ICA), which has left him very high. puts you at risk of a stroke,” Jenser said.

Earlier, Iran’s official news agency said Namazi had left the country, publishing a video showing him boarding a private plane with a man in Omani national costume, but did not say where he was going. was.

The video showed him struggling to climb the stairs to board the plane, on which the light blue insignia of the Royal Air Force of Oman could be seen.

Namazi, a former UN children’s agency UNICEF official, has US and Iranian citizenship and was one of four Iranian Americans, including his son Siamak, who were detained in Iran in recent years or There was a ban on leaving the country.

Namazi was convicted in 2016 of “cooperating with a hostile government” and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Iranian authorities released him on medical grounds in 2018 and closed his case in 2020, completing his sentence in time.

However, they effectively barred him from leaving until Saturday, when the United Nations said he would be allowed to go for medical treatment.

His son Siamak, 51, who was also convicted of “cooperating with a hostile government” in 2016, was released from Tehran’s Avin prison on Saturday for a week, after nearly seven years in custody. Akshay furlough.

The US government has called the allegations against both baseless.

In a statement issued by the family’s lawyer Babak Namazi, Baqar Namazi’s son expressed gratitude for his father’s departure from Iran, but expressed grief over his brother Siamak’s inability to leave the country.

“Getting my father out of Iran is incredibly important, still bitter today. My brother Siamak as well as American Imad (Shargi) and Morad Tahbaz are in detention in Iran and our nightmare will not end until That our entire family (and) other Americans are reunited with their families,” he said.

Other US nationals detained in Iran include environmentalist Tehbaz, 67, who also holds British nationality, and businessman Shargi, 58.

“Today is a good day for the Namazi family, but the work is not over. Now we need the United States and Iran to act swiftly to reach an agreement that will eventually bring all American hostages home,” the family said. K Jensar’s lawyer said, Bakar Namazi will go to the hospital immediately upon arrival in Abu Dhabi.

It was not immediately clear why Iran allowed Bakar Namazi to leave the country and Siamak Namazi was jailed.

Iranian Americans, whose US citizenship is not recognized by Tehran, are often pawns between the two countries, now confused about whether to revive a horrific 2015 accord under which Iran offered sanctions relief in return. limited its nuclear program.

Iran is grappling with its biggest demonstration of protest from its clerical officers since 2019, which left dozens dead in unrest across the country ignited by the death in police custody of a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini.

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