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Imran Khan’s latest ‘Jingh Ki Slip’: ‘Atta ₹100/Litre’. watch

Imran Khan, who earned global fame with his brilliance as a sportsman in his early public life, has often attracted attention for his statements as a politician. Many of these comments have been criticized and some have been ridiculed. His most recent ‘slip of the tongue’ is in focus for the incorrect use of a measuring unit. Flour is not measured in liters, which the internet has been pointing out ever since the comment surfaced.

,The dough has doubled. in our times 50 – There was a kilo of flour. Today he has gone above 100 rupees a liter from Karachi. (The price of flour has doubled. What was the price in our time.) 50 for a kilo… now it’s over 100/litre mark in Karachi), “cricketer-turned-politician. He was targeting the government of his successor Shahbaz Sharif, claiming that the new government Pakistan The Prime Minister has failed to control the price rise in the country to deal with several economic challenges. The comment was made last week and has since been widely circulated on the Internet.

As mentioned earlier, this is not the first time that Imran Khan has made comments that have been widely shared, though not for the right reasons. Earlier this year, before his government collapsed, and he visited Russia – the time the Ukraine war broke out, he was criticized for his “exciting timing” remarks. “What a time to come, so much excitement,” he was quoted as saying.

Among his many other remarks, Osama bin Laden has sparked controversy. “I will never forget how we Pakistanis were embarrassed when the Americans came to Abbottabad and killed Osama bin Laden, martyred him,” he said on the United States’ operation to eliminate the terrorist.

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