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Hindu community in Balochistan opens temple doors for flood victims

Pakistan is facing the most devastation due to floodsThe Hindu community in Balochistan has given a gesture of humanity and religious harmony by opening the doors of a temple to shelter the flood-affected people.

The flash floods have badly affected 80 districts of Pakistan. The death toll from the floods in the country has reached nearly 1,200.

A small village of Jalal Khan in the Kutchi district of Balochistan has been cut off from the rest of the province due to floods. According to the Dawn newspaper report, floods have destroyed homes and caused widespread destruction in the country.

According to the publication, the local people have opened the doors of Baba Madhudas temple.

Recently, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) also raised concerns about providing health facilities to around 6,50,000 pregnant women in flood-affected areas in Pakistan.

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“About 6,50,000 pregnant women in flood-affected areas require maternal health services to ensure safe pregnancy and delivery,” UNFPA said in an official statement.

“With 73,000 women expected to deliver next month, they will need skilled birth attendants, neonatal care and support,” the UN agency said.

On a two-day visit to Pakistan, the UN Secretary-General descended on Friday to express solidarity with the people of the country drenched by excessive monsoon rains, which have caused the country’s worst in a decade. There has been a flood.

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Record monsoons and heavy floods in Pakistan have led to hunger and various diseases affecting 33 million people. Experts believe that the situation will be more serious in the coming days. Because the flood affected are deprived of essential resources and are forced to live under the sky.

vast areas of the country are still under water and Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes.

In the wake of severe floods, with losses initially estimated to be in the range of USD 18 billion, Pakistan’s agriculture sector has been hit the hardest as agricultural growth may remain nil or negative against the envisaged target of 3.9 per cent for the present. could. Financial year 2022-23.

The devastating floods displaced more than 33 million people and are estimated to have caused $30 billion in damage.

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