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Exercise restraint, Bangladesh tells Myanmar, border conflict intensifies

Bangladesh on Saturday asked Myanmar to exercise restraint as tensions escalated along the border over the use of artillery guns by its forces, which killed a Rohingya child and injured several others over the past several days.

“Bangladesh wants war,” Interior Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal told reporters here to comment on the actions of Myanmar security forces on the borders, scaring both Bangladeshis and Rohingyas taking refuge in makeshift camps in the neighbourhood.

Kamal said Bangladesh will inform the United Nations if Myanmar does not stop firing near the Bangladesh border because “we have repeatedly warned Myanmar through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but they did not heed the warnings”.

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He said Bangladesh wants to resolve issues peacefully with Myanmar and hopes that the neighbor will realize its mistake and refrain from doing anything in future that disrupts bilateral ties.

“Since we do not want conflict, our efforts are on to find a peaceful solution with Myanmar. We will do everything,” Kamal said, attributing Myanmar’s actions to its internal conflict with rebel groups such as the Arakan Liberation Army. ordained.

“Sometimes good relations were observed between Myanmar and the Arakan Army, sometimes it turned into a war for unknown reasons. But of course their war must remain within their borders,” he said.

Kamal said Dhaka is observing that Myanmar’s forces were engaged in similar conflicts with their rebel groups along India’s Mizoram borders and along the border with Thailand and China, but “the conflict in their country (Myanmar) is within their borders.” should remain”.

He said the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is closely monitoring the situation along the border with Myanmar to prevent influx of people from the neighboring country.

He said, “Our Prime Minister (Sheikh Hasina) never wants war, we want a peaceful solution. Let their internal conflict be within their borders. We are always protesting what is happening from outside on our soil, ” They said.

A teenage Rohingya boy was killed and six people, including a Rohingya child, were seriously injured in gunfire and mortar shelling from across the Myanmar border in Gamdhum area of ​​Bangladesh’s southeastern Bandarban district on Friday.

On the same day, a Bangladeshi youth was injured and lost a leg in a landmine blast near Hedmanpara border area.

Reports received from the borders said that Bangladeshis as well as the Rohingya, who had fled their homeland in Rakhine state on the other side of the border to seek refuge in Bangladesh, were spending days in fear of indiscriminate firing, while bullets and Mortar shells often landed. inside Bangladesh.

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Officials said the BGB has intensified patrolling and surveillance since two mortar shells exploded in Myanmar’s Bangladesh region on August 28.

The Ministry of External Affairs has already summoned the Myanmar envoy to Dhaka thrice on the issue.

Bangladesh currently provides asylum to more than 1.1 million Rohingyas since Myanmar’s military clean-up operation forced their influx into the country in August 2017.

Dhaka had previously said it hoped the repatriation of the Rohingya would begin later this year, but experts said clashes between Myanmar’s military and rebels indicated there was a need for the Rohingya to agree to return to their homeland. The conditions did not exist.

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