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Death toll from overnight bombing in Pakistan rises to 8

Eight people have been killed in a roadside bomb blast targeting the vehicle of an elderly man from an anti-Taliban village in northwest Pakistan, police said.

Saeed Khan, a senior police officer in Swat, said the slain village peace committee chief Idris Khan was traveling in the area when a roadside bomb hit his vehicle.

He said that initial reports suggested that five people were killed in the bombing, but he later concluded that eight people, including two policemen, were killed.

Mohammad Khurasani, the spokesman of the Pakistani Taliban terrorist group known as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, has claimed responsibility in a statement.

He said the slain chief of the peace committee has been supporting the security forces for the past several years.

The Pakistani Taliban have been holding peace talks in Kabul, Afghanistan, since May.

But separate terrorist attacks and security raids on terrorist hideouts continue, raising fears that these talks could break down in the coming months, if not weeks.

A formal ceasefire between Pakistan and TTP is still in progress. The talks in Kabul are hosted by the Afghan Taliban, a separate group affiliated with the Pakistani Taliban.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan a year ago. That takeover has encouraged the Pakistani Taliban, whose fighters and leaders, officials say, are hiding in Afghanistan.

Islamabad has demanded that terrorist groups, including the TTP, the new Taliban ruler in Afghanistan, stop using Afghan territory for attacks inside Pakistan.

Before the Taliban took over next door, Islamabad and Kabul had often traded blame and accused each other of harboring terrorists.

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