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Charles practiced being king, reveals former UK prime minister David Cameron

With King Charles III rehearsing for the day he will become Britain’s new monarch and head of state by holding a weekly audience with the head of government, former Prime Minister David Cameron revealed on Sunday that he had “loved the former Prince of Wales”. Longest apprenticeship in history”. As the successor of Queen Elizabeth II.

Cameron, who was British prime minister between 2010 and 2016, revealed that during his time at 10 Downing Street he had spectators with the then Prince of Wales to prepare for his ascension. As the new sovereign following the death of his mother on Thursday, 73-year-old King Charles III will hold weekly audiences with the prime minister as an important part of his regular schedule.

“I had an audience with Prince Charles when Queen Elizabeth II was on the throne because he wanted to start thinking about how to conduct those audiences,” Cameron said in an interview with the BBC.

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He said, “From what I saw he would be a genius at that job. Brilliant to listen, brilliant at asking questions, giving wise advice and wise advice. This has probably been the longest apprenticeship in history.”

The former Conservative Party leader described the new monarch as an “excellent diplomat” like the late Queen and said he would be a “very worthy successor” in supporting the British government as its new head of state.

“I saw him in action at Commonwealth Heads of Government meetings and he knows everyone personally, he talks wonderfully with them,” Cameron said.

“The soft power that the British monarch brings to help a prime minister and a government with all those international relations was clearly outstanding under Queen Elizabeth II. I think you’ll see that Charles III is a one in that regard. Will be a very worthy successor,” he said.

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Other former British prime ministers, who attended the announcement of Charles as king at St James’s Palace on Saturday, are also considering a change to the monarchical style under the new king. Former Labor prime minister Gordon Brown believes King Charles III will streamline the monarchy along the lines of other Europeans.

“I think what Prince Charles has already indicated is that the monarchy is going to get smaller,” Brown told the BBC.

“It will be like the Scandinavian monarchy in the future, but not in a bad way, more in the sense of informal. He stopped before entering Buckingham Palace to greet people in the crowd and that was a sign he was sending That he wanted people to feel that he was reachable and that he was not going to be absent from the public, or alternatively, inaccessible,” he said.

The leader of the Labor Party and his predecessor as Prime Minister, Sir Tony Blair, wrote in ‘The Sunday Times’ that King Charles III was an “intelligent, caring and good man” with a strong sense of service.

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He said, “Don’t imagine for a moment that in the last long years he has not seen, absorbed and thought about what it means to be a king. He is well prepared and I have no doubt about it, Flexible for the future.

Meanwhile, many subtle changes have already taken place with the end of the Elizabethan era and the proclamation of a new monarch. The country’s national anthem changed to “God Save the King” and Her Majesty’s Government would be referred to as Her Majesty’s Government. Other changes, such as the image used on the nation’s currency, would be a more gradual process as coins and notes bearing the Queen’s image would remain in circulation for at least a few years.

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