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American woman dies after pit bull attack at Denver-area home

AP | , Posted by Yagya Sharma

An 89-year-old woman has died after two pit bulls attacked her and her 12-year-old grandson at a home west of Denver last week, family members said.

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Golden police say both were attacked on Wednesday afternoon, and both dogs have since been evicted. The woman’s family confirmed her death on Sunday and said that the seriously injured boy has been discharged from the hospital.

The names of the victims have not been released.

Officers called to the site of the attack noticed that the house was bleeding and they immediately went to the backyard, where the dogs were killing the woman. They used stun guns and less lethal shotguns, but were unable to separate the dogs from hunting until additional officers arrived.

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The boy, who survived the attack and took refuge in a neighbor’s home, was eventually taken to a children’s hospital, and his grandmother was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Police say the boy and his grandmother were familiar with the dogs. The Golden City does not have laws that ban certain dog breeds.



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