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A beauty queen is at the center of Taiwan, China’s latest line

Taiwan on Wednesday accused China of pressuring the organizers of a trade event in Malaysia to stop Taiwanese beauty queen Cao Man-jung from waving the island’s flag on a stag, while other contestants were seen waving flags of their respective countries. Gone. Taiwan said Miss Taiwan Cao Man-jung was photographed crying as other contestants appeared on stage at a beauty pageant.

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What is Taiwan’s latest accusation against China?

“China pressures Malaysian organizers to ban Miss Cao from holding our national flag,” Taiwan’s foreign ministry said in a statement. The Foreign Ministry said that China instructed its representative office in Malaysia to stop the beauty queen from waving the flag on the stage.

Taiwan said Beijing was taking “despicable actions”.

Why is the display of the flag controversial?

As China regards the self-governing democratic island as part of its territory, Beijing is outraged at the international recognition of Taiwan as a country. The display of the flag is one such example.

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Has such controversy happened before?

Celebrities such as American pop stars Madonna and Katy Perry have also carried the Taiwan flag in the past, much to Beijing’s dismay. In 2016, a teenage Taiwanese K-pop singer had to publicly apologize for waving a Taiwanese flag during an online broadcast.

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