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With Instagram Quiet Mode, users have a better way to focus on studies; Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to enable it Technology News

In an effort to increase the number of time management tools available, Meta’s Instagram on Thursday introduced a new feature called “Quiet Mode.” The feature helps users take a break by turning off incoming alerts, auto-replying to direct messages, and setting your status to “in quiet mode” to let friends know you’re not currently using the app. Tries to ease concerns about Service.

The social media platform also launched additional parental control tools and other tools to regulate recommendations that aim to ensure the safety of teens using the program. This isn’t the first time Instagram has tried to develop tools to help users manage time.

The app already has a function that notifies users when their daily app usage exceeds a certain limit and allows them to monitor and limit it. Additionally, there are tools to block, remind, ban, and unfollow pages, groups, and people to help reduce engagement with addictive or otherwise unwanted content.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to enable quiet mode on Instagram:

1. Open Instagram

2. Click on the profile icon

3. Click on the menu icon available in the corner of the interface

4. Click on the setting option

5. Click on the notification option

6. Enable Settings

Now your setting is enabled.

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