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Zendaya’s Valentino dress for the Emmys 2022 took so many days to make

Zendaya Not only made history by becoming the first black woman to win the ‘Outstanding Lead Actress Award’ twice at the Emmy Awards 2022, but also created history with her glamorous look for the Big Knight. Styled by Law Roach, the actor rocked an elaborately designed Valentino ensemble – a classic black strapless corset top with pockets and a cute bow at the waist, that radiates Old Hollywood style.

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Can you guess how many days it took to make this fabulous outfit? only seven! Bringing the costume to life in just a week’s time, Roach shared in a recent interview the trend He valentino Created three designs for Zendaya. However, none of those “incredible” designs felt right for the actor. But it was in his dream that he revealed the winning design.

“I woke up in the middle of the night and called Valentino, asking him to make this new outfit,” Roach said, “It was the last costume we tried, and I have to thank that team a lot.” Those women work so hard, and everything is done by hand. ,

Zendaya, Amy 2022 The Euphoria actor chose the Valentino look – a classic black corset top and skirt set (Source: AP Photo/Je C. Hong)

Sharing her inspiration behind the costume, she said, “We took inspiration from Grace Kelly and old Hollywood movies,” adding that, “Zendaya And I was also really inspired by Valentino’s 1987 fall collection. There was a red dress that Linda Evangelista wore in an editorial, and we took inspiration from the bodice of the dress—but we made it black and the skirt too big. ,

Talking about Zendaya’s look for the Emmys, how can we miss the stunning Bulgari jewelry donned by the actor? “Ornament is always the icing on the cake,” Roach said, “I wanted it to shine—it’s all about the girl and the dress.”

Zendaya, Emmiso Zendaya poses with her award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for “Euphoria” at the Emmy Awards (Source: REUTERS/Aude Guerrucci

The designer also added that he is extra careful when it comes to retro fashion as he does not want to modernize it too much. “People are always intimidated by it because they don’t want it to look like a dress. This look could have been construed as a costume, but it’s the way she carries herself on the carpet no matter where ever she is. Doesn’t look that way.”

talking about zedaya’s The after-party gown, Roach said, “is a modern version of Julia Roberts’s Pretty Woman dress.”

Zendaya, Emmys 2022 Zendaya arrives at the Post Emmys reception in a red Valentino gown with a plunging neckline (Photo by Richard Shotwell/InVision/AP)

However, the highlight of the dress was the U-shaped plunging neckline that was “based on a neckline that was featured at Valentino’s couture show,” according to Roach.

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