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Zen Bowls, a restaurant in Puppalaguda, Hyderabad aims to serve healthy and delicious cuisine

A bowl of rice at Zen Bowls

A rice bowl at Zen Bowls | Photo Credit: Prabalika M Bora

almond flour pancakes garnished with fragrant homemade butter, carrot cake pie, and date-cocoa-nuts squares; These are sugar-free desserts that won’t take you on a guilt trip. Zen Bowls, a cafe in Puppalaguda is not the average healthy cafe which serves lettuce leaves to make it low-cal or healthy. The venture began in Gachibowli as a cloud kitchen that delivers fresh, clean, healthy and delicious food, or “nutritionally balanced and environmentally sustainable”, explains Kirti Kamlakar, one of the partners at Zen Bowls. Being environmentally sustainable means that they source all their raw material from within Telangana itself.

Falafel Platter

Falafel Thali | photo credit: special arrangement

Aiming to deliver a “farm-to-fork” experience, each meal is prepared using fresh ingredients harvested from ‘partner farms’ no more than 36 hours prior to serving. The eatery also comes with a community space that aims to host workshops and showcase the smart and interesting use of ingredients to create healthy food that is also delicious.

Outdoor Seating at Zen Bowls

Sitting Outside at Zen Bowls

The menu at Zen Bowls is inspired by the thought ‘We are what we eat.’ Presentation, imagination and intelligent use of material make all the difference. For example, a non-veg clear soup, such as a broth, is served with healthy sourdough toast and a vegetarian pumpkin soup with a drizzle of cold-pressed coconut oil.

Almond Flour Pancakes

almond flour pancake | Photo Credit: Prabalika M Bora

The taste of brown rice in a rice bowl will compel you to try it at home, even if you are a hardcore white rice eater. Kirti explains: “Just putting brown rice in a bowl of salad is boring. Considering the texture and taste of brown rice, it is not easy to make a choice. Treat the rice and apply tempering to it, then see its taste.

Their menu also includes dishes such as the Grilled Broccoli and Chicken Salad, a high-protein breakfast, fried rice, a bowl of burnt garlic mushrooms, turmeric oats and a savory pancake with peanut butter. The Asian Chicken Bowl is a wholesome meal of teriyaki chicken, mushrooms and broccoli with butter rice, red cabbage, sesame seeds and chopped vegetables. Every bite is delicious and crunchy, which makes it a delectable meal. The falafel platter on a bed of hummus makes this a delectable breakfast dish.

Zen Bowls includes lots of homemade dips and dressings to enhance the flavor of the dishes.

Kirti Kamalakar, who holds a Certificate 4 in Commercial Cookery from Melbourne’s William English Institute of TAFE (Technical and Further Education), says she underwent an amazing body transformation by focusing on the right foods and exercising. So he wanted to bring that understanding and his knowledge of healthy eating to the food industry. Keerthi has partnered with Sandhya Esther, a postgraduate in food technology engineering, and Srijan Peddapanga, a civil engineer, to provide healthy, tasty and appealing food.

zen bowls

Address: 218, Narsingi, Puppalaguda Main Road Manikonda

Table for two: Approx ₹1200

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