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Zac Efron Opens Up About Agoraphobia, How He Got In Shape For ‘Baywatch’: ‘Falled Into A Very Bad Depression’

Being an actor isn’t easy, and it certainly hasn’t been the case for Zac Efron, who has recently lost his physical and mental health struggle in a new interview for men’s Health The magazine’s October 2022 cover.

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34-year-old actor who has acted in films likehigh school musical,17 again’ and thus, opened up about his life, especially in the later phase of the pandemic, sharing that he “sequestered himself in Byron Bay on a beach in Australia”, “a hammock in the trees” slept on”, “dated a civilian” and “took moonlight swimmers with phosphorescent plankton”.

Efron shared that he intends to return to Byron Bay, where he is “trying to travel in a van and see as much of the world as possible”. [he] or just hiking and camping in the woods”. He also told the outlet that he has “ten T-shirts, five pairs of workout shorts, one pair of pants, one pair of sweatshirts, and two Lululemon shorts-and-hoodie tracksuits that he wears all the time”.

However, the most important confession the actor made was when he talked about his fear of crowdswhich is basically “the fear of going out and being in public places or being in a situation that may be difficult to avoid or in which help may not be available”, as defined Cambridge Dictionary.

Efron was quoted as saying men’s Health“I just don’t go out. People in large groups, it triggers my panic.”

While he did not elaborate on this fear, indianexpress.com Earlier Dr. Samir Parikh was quotedDirector, Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Healthcare said that several theories and contributing factors have been suggested to contribute to the development of terrorism, but, not a single factor has been fully covered.

“Agoraphobia is treatable. The sufferer is often ridiculed for lack of confidence and courage and may even be neglected by others. Often people choose to hide their symptoms for fear of embarrassment It is imperative to encourage a supportive environment for early detection and adequate psychiatric and psychological intervention,” he had said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Efron also said that he didn’t want to ‘Baywatch‘ body now, stating that it does not know “is it really attainable”. “There’s too little water in the skin right now. Like, it’s fake; it looks CGI’d. And it needed Lasix, the powerful diuretic, to achieve that. So I don’t have to. You know I I like to eat extra body fat of 2 to 3 percent.”

The actor also stated that in addition to taking diuretics, he was “overtraining and eating the same three meals every day”, and not getting “enough sleep”; “Even if filming stops at midnight, he still wakes up at 4.00 in the morning to train”. He also explained the process of manufacturing Baywatch The body “destructive”. “I Started To Develop Insomnia And I Got So Bad” depression For a long time. Something about that experience burned me. I had a hard time recently, ”he told the publication.

Efron also talked about a serious accident that broke his jaw, leading the internet to speculate that he had facial surgery. While recovering, he had to work with a specialist and have physical therapy.

The actor called it a ‘jaw-get’, saying he was not aware that social media was full of stories about his face until his mother called to ask if his plastic Surgery has been done.

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