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‘You can reinvent and redefine at any age’: Sameera Reddy

We are taught that life must have a definite plan that adds certainty to its uncertain nature, something that establishes balance and stability. However, if life is not mapped out, it often faces scrutiny and neglect from the society. But one thing we must tell ourselves is that “sometimes it’s okay not to plan”.

actor Sameera Reddy Agree because she says that “it’s okay to feel lost sometimes.” She remembers how three years ago she had no life plan and what was left of her was going with the flow.

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In an Instagram post, she says that people kept asking her about her future endeavors as an actor, but she was unaware. However, she did not give up and instead decided to be “unique, unfiltered and without fear of judgement”.

Sameera says in the video that she slowly focused on rebuilding herself. “I decided not to go into the cave, but just follow my heart.”

“You can re-invent and redefine at any age,” she says, although it’s not an easy feat, it’s not impossible to achieve.

By juggling being an actor, a content creatorA mother and a daughter-in-law, Reddy has really reinvented herself.

“I hope this helps someone who is in need of a dose of positive energy that we are all looking for together,” she says, adding that we may get it slowly but We all will definitely find our way. “Just trust.” She concludes.

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