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Yo-Yo Dieting: Is It Good For You? nutritionist answers

ByZarafshan ShirazoDelhi

Yo-yo, the toy spins up and down rapidly, is neither real nor spin is attractive to watch but once the spin stops, it leaves your eyes in a tizzy and so on, Yo Yo Abstinence Almost a bad word in the present day, where the awareness of eating Healthy And the knowledge that accompanies it is not unusual but so is the human mind. It plays the role of the devil, shunning any attempt at reasoning when there is an urgent need to achieve a goal.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Neha Patodia, founder and lead nutritionist, NutriMend, explained, “Yo-yo dieting is a cycle of weight loss and weight gain, often caused by excessive dieting. It usually begins with food shortages and restrictions to achieve unrealistic weight goals, followed by periods of overeating. In the restrictive phase of yo yo dieting, extreme diets are followed for immediate weight loss. The second phase of yo-yo dieting involves overeating due to the continuous food restrictions imposed during the first phase. Lack of food often leads to uncontrollable craving and acts of binge eating in frustration. ,

According to Ritika Aggarwal, Nutritionist, Health Coach and Founder of The Mint Enfold, “Yo-yo dieting is bad for us because it puts us in this vicious cycle where we all get frustrated with dieting all the more to gain back the weight. Huh. Again. It slows down our metabolism, throws off our hormones and increases inflammation. Putting us at the risk of gaining more weight, which in turn can lead to many diseases and it is not only physical health, our mental and emotional health is also affected and happens quite naturally. ,

Anupama Menon, Nutritionist, Health Coach and Director of Right Living, said, “Fad diets and crash diets are tempting – promising instant results, just like instant noodles. Both are devoid of any long-term health. Both, in fact, promise long-term harm, but do such diets produce good results? Yes, they do, they give you weight loss results in the beginning but remember one golden rule – what you do to lose weight is at least 70% of what you need to do to keep the weight off. When you suddenly lose weight, you lose muscle, tomorrow when you gain weight back, unfortunately the lost doesn’t come back as muscle, it comes back as fat. Yo-yo dieting is just for you to look at life up to 20 meters away and not worry about the obstacles ahead or how to reduce them. And now it’s up to you to decide in which hands you want to put your health.”

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