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Why should you soak pineapple in salt water before consuming it?

some people avoid eating Pineapple The tingling sensation it leaves on the tongue and throat. But, all you need to do is understand why this happens, use a simple trick, and enjoy the myriad benefits of seasonal fruits, which are packed with nutrients, disease-fighting antioxidants, and aid in digestion and digestion. have even been known to aid in speed. Recovery after exercise. Dr. Lily Choi, a New York-based licensed acupuncturist, recently took to Instagram to list several reasons you should associate this fruit with yours. Diet,

“according to tradition” Chinese MedicinePineapple is great for the stomach and kidney system and helps with energy and thirst. I love pineapple because it contains health-boosting vitamins C and B6, manganese, potassium, riboflavin, iron and more,” said Dr. Choi.

However, Dr. Choi said that many people avoid the fruit for the tingling feeling in the mouth and throat, which is caused by the presence of “bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme that provides many health benefits.” “Have you ever noticed a tingling sensation in your mouth when eating a pineapple? It stems from the bromelain enzyme that resides in the flesh of the pineapple and breaks down the protein when consumed. It reduces inflammation and swelling. It is used for sinusitis, muscle pain, osteoarthritis, digestive support, wound healing and . Used to treat conditions like weight loss, Bromelain is also said to help repair blood cells and stabilize blood pressure,” Dr. Choi said.

But, can you escape the sensation?

According to Dr. Choi, salt helps to deactivate the body. bromelain He added that adding enzymes and even a small amount of salt can enhance the sweetness of the fruit and make it even tastier.

salt Here’s how the salt balances the pineapple (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

How to add salt

*Cut your pineapple and put it in 1-2 cups of water
*Add 1 tbsp sea salt
*Soak for about a minute and enjoy!

Commenting on the usefulness of this hack, Dr Priyanka Rohatgi, Chief Clinical Dietitian, Apollo Hospitals said Bangalore Mentioned that unripe pineapple causes a sensation as to the breakdown of amino acids and collagen Can cause itching and burning in the mouth. “Therefore, soaking the pineapple in salt water or cooking it to 60 degrees helps,” she said.

The act of soaking also helps reduce the risk of allergies and side effects. “Bromelain can be helpful for people with asthma because it has anti-inflammatory effect, But it can cause side effects like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and heavy menstrual bleeding in some people. Pregnant women should also avoid bromelain as it affects the muscles of the uterus (womb),” said Vidhi Chawla, dietician and founder, Physico Diet Clinic.

Apart from this, Dr Chawla said that salt also balances acidity for those who are prone to it.

Now, wondering how to cut pineapple at home?

Here is Chef Kunal Kapoor’s step-by-step guide.

* Cut off the top (crown) and base of the fruit.
* Next, hold the pineapple in a vertical position and cut the outer shell into large strips.
*Repeat this process on all sides to get rid of the outer skin completely. “If there are any brown eyes, cut them out too,” he said.
*Slice the pineapple in the middle, cut it into pieces and place it on a chopping board.
* Cut them into small pieces.

How to choose a ripe pineapple?

Contrary to what is believed, pineapple is not a single fruit but a group of up to 200 fruits known as psoriasis. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor In his blog sharing the right way to choose ripe pineapple.

*whereas buy pineappleAlways choose a fruit that is heavy for its size. “The only difference between a large and a small pineapple is its size, as there is usually no difference in quality,” he said.

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*Remember, there should be no soft spots, scratches, mildew or black eyes on the fruit, these are all signs that the fruit is not fresh. You can also tap a finger on the edge of the fruit to measure the fruit refreshment, maturity and quality. “Good quality ripe pineapples have a dull, solid sound while poor quality fruit has a hollow slap,” he said.

* It stops ripening once picked, so choose a fruit that has a sweet and fragrant smell at the stem end, he said.

* He also pointed out that ripe pineapples spoil quickly at room temperature. “Plus, they are refrigerant sensitive and cannot be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. So they should be used at the earliest,” he mentioned.

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