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Why Rooh Afza is an Indian drink, Hamdard India chief: ‘It is older than Pakistan and Bangladesh’

rooh afza For generations, it has been a much-loved soft drink consumed by people across the length and breadth of the country – especially during the summer months and in the summer season. RamadanWhen there is both fasting and feasting.

However, its consumption is not limited to India. The people of Pakistan are big drinkers of Rooh Afza, as well as people living in Bangladesh, both of which are neighbors of India and during this time it was carved. Partition of 1947,

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Needless to say, the three countries share many similar cultures.

recently, Delhi High Court directed Amazon India To remove a list of drinks manufactured by a Pakistani company under the name ‘Rooh Afza’ from its platform, possibly to avoid confusion in the minds of an Indian consumer.

Indian Express reported that The order comes after a petition filed by Indian social welfare NGO Hamdard National Foundation, contended that all ‘Rooh Afza’ listed on the e-commerce site in India are not manufactured by Hamdard Laboratories (India), but by Pakistani companies. are manufactured. The details of which are not mentioned on the packaging.

Interestingly, the history of the drink goes back pre partition india – Back in the same family – when no Pakistan or Bangladesh even existed. We contacted Hamid Ahmed, CEO and Trustee of Hamdard Laboratories (India), the food division, and Hakim Abdul Hameed’s grandson – founder of Hamdard, which was started in 1906, who said who trademarked the drink? Hamdard Laboratories (India).

“This product cannot be sold [by any other enterprise] Either directly or through gray channels in India, as it is already manufactured here. This is why we discussed the matter with Amazon and other e-commerce players, who showed their inability to iron it out. then we had no choice but approach the high courtAhmed told this outlet.

Ahmed explained that in 1906, there was only one sympathizer. “But after 1947, when my great-grandfather moved back to India with one of his sons, his other son – Hakim Mohammad Sayeed – moved to Pakistan to start another sympathizer there. Then, when Bangladesh came into existence in 1971 , So the third Hamdard: Hamdard Bangladesh came into existence.But all three creation rooh afza,” He said.

Ahmed said that the first branded product manufactured by Hamdard was the humble Rooh Afza in 1907. ,[This drink] Older than the birth of Pakistan and Bangladesh! This is an Indian product and we wanted to protect the Indian market from gray market penetration.

The CEO also said that rooh afza was originally a drug, over a drink or a sorbetAnd it has cooling properties, which is why it is always in demand in summers. “While its ingredients have remained the same over the years, manufacturing has changed as new technology has arrived. In 1907, when it was launched, it was probably built inside a small kitchen, but today it is outfitted with state-of-the-art State-of-the-art technology in factories.

“We use cold vegetables, fruit juices and aroma extracts to prepare the drink. Now, there’s also a sugar-free version.”

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