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Why did King Charles sit behind an empty seat during Queen Elizabeth II’s Commitment Service?

of Queen Elizabeth II state funeral He concluded last evening at Westminster Abbey in the presence of 200 attendees, followed by his committed service at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. England, At the sombre event, the passionate King Charles III watched the proceedings from a seat in the second row next to his wife, Queen Consort Camilla.

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As billions of people around the world watched the funeral, people immediately saw an empty seat in front King Charles. Reportedly, due to royal protocol the front seat is left vacant so that the emperor has a clear view of the proceedings if he is not seated in the first row. “front seat” Queen is always left blank,” Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams previously reported independent,

king charles Members of the Royal Family, including King Charles III (left) during a committed service to Queen Elizabeth II held at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, Berkshire (Source: Reuters)

This seat, where the reigning monarch of Britain sat, was particularly important. Queen who occupied it during previous royal weddings such as the weddings of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. But, most memorably, it’s the same seat where Queen Elizabeth sat for Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021 COVID-19 During the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, she sat alone in the row, and the moving picture of the Queen became a symbol of her love and dedication her late husband,

Queen, Prince Philip Funeral The Queen was seen sitting alone in the pyre of St George’s Chapel, silently mourning her partner of 73 years and setting an example. (source: AP)

Fitzwilliams said it was Queen Elizabeth’s “favourite seat in St. George’s Chapel”.

According to sky News, it is the same seat on which King Henry VIII worshiped 500 years ago, and where every monarch has sat since. It is believed that after the death of the Queen, King Charles would sit in the same place every time he visited St. George’s Chapel,

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