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What is Kalaripayattu, that Kajal Aggarwal has been ‘learning intermittently (but wholeheartedly)’ for over 3 years?

Kajal AggrawalThe one who recently gave birth to a baby boy is busy preparing for his upcoming release, indian 2, In an Instagram video shared by the actor, she was seen acting ,‘Kalaripayattu’, is an ancient Indian martial art form that originated in Kerala, and can be traced back to the 3rd century BCE.

As part of her practice, Kajal was seen performing some attack and defense moves with bare hands, wooden weapons and a metal shield. Sharing that she has been training for the last three years, the actor wrote, “Grateful that it has been learning intermittently (but wholeheartedly) for 3 years! @cvn_kalari has been brilliant and so patient guiding me to the best of my ability to learn and perform to varying degrees over time.”

He noted that “Shaolin, Kung Fu and consequently many other art forms such as Karate and Taekwondo have found their origins from this traditional practice.”

Calling it “the art of the battlefield”, he said, “The magic of Kalari was commonly used for guerrilla warfare and is a beautiful practice that empowers the seeker physically and mentally.”

What is Kalaripayattu?

kalaripayattu is one of The oldest and most scientific martial art form in the world aimed at coordinating the mind and body. Talking about the same, SHinto Mathew of Kalari Kendra, Gurukkal DelhiTold indianexpress.com that in Kalari training, ,Eight animals – elephant, lion, wild boar, horse, snake, snake, fighter cock, cat, fish – have an attack and defense system.”

He said that there are two types of Kalaripayattu – Northern and Southern, which differ slightly from each other. “In the north, more weapons are used than in the south, and in northern kalari all movements are in a straight line – back and forth. However, towards the south, people can move in any direction while practicing it. Huh. “

The expert further listed the four stages involved in Kalaripayattu training-

Menthari: This is the phase of body conditioning where one is trained to prepare his/her body for battle. Only after qualifying this stage the practitioner can proceed to the next stage of training.

Kolthari: In this, a person is taught to attack and self-defense with the help of wooden weapons like short sticks and long sticks.

kalaripayattu The third phase of Kalaripayattu involves fighting with metal weapons (Source: Pixabee)

Angler: Once the person overcomes the fear of fighting with wooden weapons, the third step involves introducing sharp metal objects.

Verumkai Experiment: This phase involves research-based bare-handed fighting. Students are taught anatomy so that they know what points they can and cannot hit.

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Training begins with an oil massage that aims to make the body more flexible and strong for the harsh movements. Shinto said that Mole The oil is preferred because it keeps the body cool “for a longer period of time so that one does not feel hot during the practice of the art.”

He further explained that when students do not develop the required strength for training, a specific massage is given to them by their guru. “It can be a little tough sometimes because the focus is on building their body strength,” he said.

What diet should be followed during training?

Although there is no specific diet, those who practice this art form “should eat traditional homemade food and avoid junk,” he said.

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