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Ways to work through self-criticism: psychotherapists suggest

Self-criticism can be a drain process, Especially when we grew up in abusive homes, we’ve seen a lot of criticism that isn’t constructive at all – instead they make us feel like a failure. Over time, we develop this bubble around us that we are not good at anything, so we deserve the criticism we face. In fact, we even start to criticize everything we do to make sure we do it the right way. However, it always makes us feel under pressure, often from us. Psychotherapist Emily H. Sander addressed this in her recent Instagram post, writing, “Many believe that criticism is helpful—however, I believe that we grow and achieve in spite of criticism, not because of it.” That being said, it is important for us to be able to tolerate feedback and be able to think critically objectivelyWithout it there is criticism which is devaluation. One marker of emotional health is being able to look at ourselves accurately, and identify areas where we need growth, that don’t make us feel bad. ,

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Emily gave a few pointers ahead that could help us get lost Seeing the toxic cycle of self-criticism and real self-growth, they are:

OriginalTo overcome self-criticism, we must first find out when and why it started. Often this is associated with self-protection.

compassion: We are always told to be kind to others. But we sometimes need to look within ourselves and begin to be curious and compassionate towards those parts of us that are broken by criticism.

mindful: Some of the emotions we portray, such as anger and fear, are beyond the scope of criticism. We have to start being aware of them.

answer: Paying attention to the language and tone in which we speak to ourselves and getting the initial reaction of having our own back.

inner child: Sometimes talking to ourselves and addressing our inner child can help.

challengesCoping with self-criticism by challenging it with positivity.

vulnerability: Often being sensitive to the people we trust and leaving our heart to them can help us heal.

self assessment: Having a balanced approach towards things and countering self-criticism with a balanced look and knowing the areas we need to work on can help get rid of self-criticism.

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