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V&A celebrates the ‘Korean wave’ of popular culture with new exhibition

From the bright pink guard costumes in the hit Netflix series squid game For a massive statue of rapper G-Dragon, London’s V&A Museum is celebrating South Korean popular culture and its rise to global prominence in a new exhibition starting this week.

“Hallyu! Among the items on display! The Korean Wave’ K-pop costume, K-drama props as well as a replica of the bathroom set in the Oscar-winning film. parasites,

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“The exhibition is truly celebrating its place on the global stage, from South Korea’s inception to vibrant and colorful popular culture,” curator Rosalie Kim told Reuters in a preview on Wednesday.

“‘Haliyu’ actually means Korean wave and refers to this meteoric rise of popular culture from South Korea that has taken the world by storm over the past few decades.”

Korean Wave, Korean Wave Exhibition “Halyu! The Korean Wave at the V&A in London” exhibition by members of the public DSQUARED2, 2021. (Reuters/Tom Nicholson)

The exhibition is divided into different sections including K-pop and its fans, television drama and cinema, fashion and beauty.

Greeting visitors is the pink jacket worn by singer Psy in the music video for her 2012 mega-hit “Gangnam Style”. Other outfits on display include ensembles worn by G-Dragon and K-pop groups ATEZ and Espa as well as colorful designer creations.

From the world of television, there are historical dramas as well as the recognizable pink boiler suit and a green tracksuit from “Squid Game”.

Korean Wave, Korean Wave Exhibition A gallery assistant “HaliU! The Korean Wave” exhibition at the V&A in London. (Reuters/Tom Nicholson)

The “Parasite” bathroom replica is the first to recreate the set of protagonist Kim family’s basement flat, with the museum teaming up with the film’s production designer Lee Ha-joon.

Other items on display include photographs, posters, record covers and K-pop fan banners. Visitors can also take part in an interactive K-pop dance challenge.

“Hallu! Korean Wave” opens on Saturdays and runs through June.

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