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Tips to keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive at the job

Most people live in a world where they have two choices career – One Work or else entrepreneur Enterprise but there is a third option which works great in many ways i.e. a job that lets you awaken your entrepreneurial spirit, lets you create, innovate and do new things. Entrepreneurship is about creation, your ability to innovate and adapt to any potential situation, while the job is already designed to integrate teamwork and focus on deadlines that must be adhered to and Must be completed at all costs.

Working full time at a corporate job while developing ideas for yourself personal growth and development Can be a bit overwhelming and at times, exhausting but there are ways to help fuel your entrepreneurial journey and keep the flame igniting until you fulfill your personal and professional dreams. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, motivational speaker, author, radio host and founder of the Sexy Brilliant non-profit foundation reveals some tips for keeping your entrepreneurial spirit alive in the job:

1. Know and understand your passion

Sometimes, people confuse their hobbies and interests with passion and decide to pursue them in future. While it would be wrong to assume that the hobby cannot be turned into your passion, there is a fine line separating the two and it is important to realize and understand your passion before deciding to dive deep into the ocean.

2. Accept and face challenges

While pursuing your personal development and working full time, there will be challenges in your way that may seem insurmountable at this point of time. You will feel bogged down and devastated at times and the voice that tells you to leave will ring louder and louder in your ears. In order to overcome this and achieve your dreams, it is important to accept and face those challenges without losing your faith in you. Accept the challenges as your travel companion and instead of letting them scare you, decide to join hands and move on.

3. Overcome Fear

Chasing your dreams creates fear in you. There comes a time when one has to choose between job security and the risk of stepping into other new beginnings. The fear of failing and crushing your dreams is intimidating but you can know your worth only when you take the risk with yourself. Start by listening to your intuition by taking small, baby steps in your new journey before trying to run. Slowly but steadily the fear of failing will lessen and you will become more aware of your passion and understand your self-worth and your decisions will be supported by your confidence and high spirits.

Gaurav Bhagat, Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Founder of Gaurav Bhagat Academy said, “If a person has a truly entrepreneurial mindset, he/she will not disappear even if he/she works for a company. Redefining existing products and services through innovative concepts and creative deliverables can demonstrate an employee’s entrepreneurial skills in the execution phase as well as reflection from their peers. ,

He suggested, “Instead of waiting for orders or instructions from superiors in introducing new concepts for positive change, an employee with entrepreneurial spirit takes the initiative himself and dazzles the leadership of the company. Improve his image among stakeholders. While constantly striving to help the organization in the U.S., he emerges as an entrepreneur and makes his presence felt in the organization. In fact, the entrepreneurial spirit never dies; even if one works as an employee , he only reincarnates as an entrepreneur.”

According to Kapil Gupta, founder of Soulh Wellness and OMLogic, the technological explosion of the past 3 decades has made it possible in more ways than one where organizations are more comfortable with leaders earning millions (compensation, performance, ESOPs, etc.). Major missions, projects and companies for them. He revealed, “The risks are low and the rewards are numerous. Businesses operate more on the availability of current resources. While this can work wonders at times, it adds a number of limitations that hinder innovation and creation more often than not. .

He adds, “In some industries (especially those with high barriers to entry and initial investment), a job can give you more potential to become an entrepreneur than just starting your own because your every step has to be exposed to changes. With can be maximized to be more efficient. Can be implemented faster. It is also far easier to persuade your superiors for jobs to take an alternative route than the risks associated with businesses. It is a matter of choice Some will choose to start on their own and some will choose to become an entrepreneur in a job. Both can lead to the same satisfaction (creation, innovation, wealth, power).”

It’s important to keep moving forward and not stagnate if you want to follow your passion. Sooner or later success will follow you.



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