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The Skincare Mistakes the Bride and Groom Should Avoid Before Your Big Day

care of skin and hair It is necessary for both the bride and groom before the wedding. the stress of wedding preparations Often appears on your face and you wouldn’t want your wedding album to contain pictures of your puffy eyes, puffy skin, acne, pigmentation, etc. Many people get treatment before marriage but they have some do’s and don’ts. , For example, is it advisable to have procedures done just before the wedding? Should people choose services they’ve never had before? Should they just stick to the basics?

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Sharing the answers to these and other questions, Dr. Sravya C Tipirneni, Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist at Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru, says that it is common for brides and grooms to experiment with new products or beauty treatments, so that the older ones have To look your best. The day, doing this just before the event, can end badly.

She cautions against making the following skin care mistakes:

1. Trying New Processes

From chemical peels to micro-needling, facials and more, beauty treatments focused on the skin have become incredibly popular. While they can be beneficial, everyone’s skin will react differently; It’s never a good idea to try a completely new treatment before an important event. If you want to try a new treatment to address skin concerns, consult a skin care specialist who can recommend an appropriate timeline for receiving treatment and if you have a reaction long enough to recover. Give time

2. Huge Changes in Skin Care Routine

the market is flooded skin care products And you may be tempted to try a higher-end or a promising new drugstore product. What you don’t consider is how your skin might react to the product – it could react badly. No product can give you results in such a short time.

3. Over Exfoliating

It’s understandable if you want smooth, glowing skin for your wedding, but exfoliate gently. Doing it too often or too aggressively can damage the skin. if you wont exfoliate regularly As part of your skincare routine, use caution.

4. Using Highly Scented Products

Most skincare and hair care products smell amazing. Your skin, unfortunately, doesn’t like them. The fragrance can easily irritate the skin. So, stay away from products with strong fragrance.

5. Popping Zits

Stress is a major cause of acne and pimples. The stressful months leading up to the wedding day may haunt you. Resist the temptation to pop that zit; This will not only make matters worse. Let the pimple heal on its own and try to stay calm.

6. Applying Sunscreen

it’s not a good idea to leave it sunscreen, Put it on before stepping out. Your sunscreen should have an SPF of at least 30. But use a sunscreen suited to your skin. Don’t use a greasy, sticky one.

7. Touching the face frequently

Our hands are not always clean. Touching the face can cause bacterial infection on the skin, which can be caused by Acne and Pimples, Wash hands before touching. For those with oily skin, touching the face can make your skin more oily.

8. Don’t Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

At night, the skin begins the process of regenerating and healing itself. accomplish What is left on the skin interferes with its natural functions, clogs pores, and causes acne and blackheads. Before going to bed, wash and moisturize your face with a natural cleanser so it can breathe.

9. Not getting enough sleep

When you sleep, blood flow to your skin increases, which aids in collagen production and healing damage caused by UV exposure, pollution, dust, grime and other factors. Dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines and wrinkles and other signs of insufficient sleep are common.

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