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Separating from your partner? Ways to take care of your mental health

break up Whether you are going through it for the first time or not, it is a difficult period for anyone. The end of a relationship can wreak havoc on one’s mental health because dealing with difficult feelings, coming to terms with them, and finally accepting that moving on is not the only way. Experts say that it’s okay to drown in all the sad, hurt, difficult feelings for a while and let it out instead of distracting yourself from work and other things, which makes it even more difficult to deal with the suppressed feelings later. Is. (Also read: Signs of an emotionally dependent partner; Tips to deal with them)

“Every relationship between a couple starts with the expectation of a beautiful future, the early days are full of love and happiness, but sometimes we imagine forever that it is short-lived. Thus from our partner Separation becomes an emotionally exhausting experience—whether it’s mutual or because of someone’s fault. However, if you don’t effectively manage the stress and unpleasant feelings associated with your separation, the result is gradually you. can have a more profound impact,” says Aruba Kabir, mental health counselor and founder of Enso Wellness. ,

Pay attention to your emotional needs

It’s important to get your feelings out and this is when a trusted friend can help you with your emotional health, distinguishing between toxic and healthy ways of dealing with a breakup.

“Isolation takes a toll on a person’s emotional health, making it extremely important that all feelings are expressed rather than bottled up. You can try journaling, seeking support from friends and family, Join a support group or talk to a therapist.” Kabir says.

do things that make you happy

Kabir says, “Put yourself in things that relax and unwind. Take this time and take up some hobbies or meet people who make your heart happy. Small things like these can help keep you afloat.” and will create your lost confidence and confidence.”

give yourself permission to grieve

Your emotions are not in your control, it is okay to feel good one day and cry the next. There is no time to stop feeling bad. Hide your feelings and don’t feel them, process them and let them go, says Kabir.

let go of the negative

“If you and your partner are separated because of a chaos or a situation that is out of your control, grieve it but try to ring yourself in the present moment. There should be some things that will help you grow as well. Pay attention to them. Use them now to protect and heal yourself. Understand that you can’t go back in time and change things. But you can use your past experience for a better future can,” the counselor says.

don’t go to the next step

You shouldn’t make any decisions or changes in your life when you’re under too much stress before considering all the effects. Going through isolation we often make ‘rebound’ decisions that often hurt us even more in the long run.

childhood issues

Maybe you’ve had difficulty letting go of things before. Working on the inner child along with the profession will also help.

Aruba Kabir concluded, “Separation is difficult, no doubt about it – but it is not the end of the world. You need to let go of things beyond your control, heal and be open to the beautiful world.”

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