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Recipe: Craving seafood this weekend? Whip up the exotic dish of Hamachi Ceviche or Yellow Tail Fish

Protein intake is probably one of the most important parts of our daily diet Because it serves different parts of the body, including promoting our overall strength, facilitating muscle growth, strengthening hair and nails, tissue repair, boosting immunity and producing hormones. protein Composed of a chain of twenty-three amino acids, fourteen of which are produced daily by the body.

However, the other nine must arise from external food consumption giving us the responsibility to eat foods rich in amino acids that allow us to obtain the right amount of protein while meeting the essential amino acid profile in the body. The best practice for increasing protein intake in the diet is to choose a good quality protein source. Egg whites, low-fat dairy products such as buttermilk, yogurt, cottage cheese or cottage cheese, soy or tofu, lean meats such as fish or poultry, and other sources such as legumes, lentils, lentils, nuts and seeds Can be combined with cereals to increase the biological value of protein.

Tick ​​up on protein for the weekend with this scrumptious recipe from Hamachi Ceviche or Yellow Tail Fish, which will definitely leave you coming back and wanting to do more this Saturday night.

Main Ingredients:

Sliced ​​yellow tail fish – 60 grams

Fresh julienned onion – 10 g

Fresh coriander – 5 grams

Fresh red radish (chopped)-15 grams

Black Tobiko – 10 grams

Crispy onions – 7 grams

Garlic chips – 2 grams

Crispy wontons – 2 grams

Microgreens – 2 grams

Ceviche Dressing: (mix all ingredients until sugar dissolves)

lemon juice 50 ml

chopped garlic 5 g

1 g chopped Thai fresh red pepper

Lemon Grass 1 gram

yuzu vinegar 3ml

Kafir Lime 1gm

fresh coriander 2 grams

Soy Sauce Kikkoman 1 ml

sugar 1 gram


Cut the fish into dice and mix it with the fresh julienned onion and ceviche dressing 30ml. Choose a plate with a flat base and edges that are 1 inch in height. Place a round shaped steel mold in the plate and put it inside the mixture and press it lightly from above.

Place sliced ​​red radishes on top, then fill with other spices as per your imagination and preference. Pour the rest of the ceviche dressing onto the plate around the mold.

Gently remove the mold, and garnish with micro greens on the side. Hamachi ceviche is ready. Bon appetit!

(Recipe: Chef Vadim Shin)

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