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Rare English oak, airtight box to preserve corpse: Know all the details of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin

Queen Elizabeth II After taking over from his father, George VI, in 1953, funeral fittings for a monarch who ruled for 70 years, and even the longest in the history of the British royal family, are being held. He also became the one who served for the time being.

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Details of the Queen’s coffin – which will be lying in London this weekend ahead of her funeral at Westminster Abbey on 19 September – have surfaced, and according to reports, the box – made of English oak and lead – is more than three was prepared decades ago.

The royal coffin will reportedly rest on a raised platform – called a ‘cataflake’ – inside Westminster Hall, before it is lowered to the ground next week. Queen Elizabeth will be laid to rest beside her husband Prince Philip – who died last year at the age of 99 – at the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle.

coffin of Duke of Edinburgh was initially placed on marble slabs The Royal Vault Below St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle Under the condition that his final resting place would be with his wife of 73 years when she passed away.

many times reported that the queen’s coffin was made about 32 years ago from a rare type of wood: English oak. It is believed that most wooden coffins these days are made of American oak.

The royal coffin is also lined with lead – a tradition in the family – as it is believed to preserve a person’s corpse long after it is placed in the crypt. While lead will make the coffin air tight, it will also make it heavy. According to reports, it will take eight beds to lift the queen’s coffin.

Leverton & Sons, the royal family’s current funeral director, was quoted as saying many times That they have inherited the coffins, and that they are unaware of who made them.

Interestingly, the coffin of the queen is also said to be similar to the one made for her husband last year. The box lid is also specially designed to securely hold precious fitments, such as the Queen’s Royal State Crown, orb, and scepter that represent her powers; These items will be present in the lying position and at the funeral.

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was seen for the first time After leaving Balmoral to begin his final journey – his Scottish summer home where he died – on 11 September. It was wrapped in Scottish royal standard, and featured dahlias, sweet pea, phlox, white heather, and cedar. Cedar was placed on top of the coffin as it was loaded onto a charioteer.

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