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Priyanka Chopra on beauty, food and her perfect ‘taste bunny’ Nick Jonas

The actor-entrepreneur launched a haircare brand in India on his father’s birth anniversary

The actor-entrepreneur launched a haircare brand in India on his father’s birth anniversary

Ahead of Anomaly’s virtual launch in India, Priyanka Chopra Jonas looks cool. Her famous hair draped over one shoulder as she sat on a red velvet baroque-style sofa. But beneath the surface, the actor-producer-entrepreneur is worried. The timing of the launch of her haircare brand in India coincides with the birth anniversary of her late father, who was her biggest cheerleader. She admits, “The timing was really a coincidence, but I also believe that there’s nothing quite like a coincidence…

Actor with husband Nick Jonas and daughter Malty Marie

Actor with husband Nick Jonas and daughter Malty Marie | photo credit: special arrangement

Priyanka recalls her childhood of sitting between her grandmother’s knees on the floor and massaging her hair and scalp liberally with various oils – almond, coconut, kama – and getting ready to sleep after the session. These memories have informed her about beauty, life and now, motherhood – she and her husband musician Nick Jonas welcomed a baby girl via surrogacy in January. The family has, to this day, given no punishment to their daughter Malty Marie, deliberately seeking privacy. When asked a gentle question about her daughter, she passes it on.

building his brand

from anomaly collection

From the collection of Anomaly | photo credit: special arrangement

Anomaly follows Priyanka’s philosophy of ‘Make for the South Asian, by the South Asian’. “I grew up on these age-old rules and continue to use them in my personal hair and skin care routine to this day,” she explains, “For example, oiling is the best thing you can do for your hair.” , but I had oily hair that even made fun of me when I was younger. But now, my hair is one of the things I’m familiar with… that’s why I say let’s take the power back from our persecutors!”

After turning just 40, the actor continued to reinvent himself. Her brainchildren include Anomaly and Sona, a trendy Indian restaurant in the middle of Manhattan. ,[The pandemic] gave me the opportunity to pause, to build on the many ideas I had, to take some time to build and grow, not only in my mind but through discussion and dialogue,” she says, “and when you run.” If you stop chasing whatever you are doing in your life, you see things differently. Also, in the pandemic, it wasn’t just you, but as a person, but the whole world had stalled, and it was so scary, but also eye-opening in so many ways. ,

Sona’s Michelin Connect

Priyanka accompanied Sona to New York last year with Rock Shrimp Koliwada, Malabar Style Chicken Biryani and Kofta Korma. Soon, the restaurant will join 30 new NYC restaurants (in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Westchester counties) visited by the likes of Sophie Turner, Mindy Kaling, Kal Penn, Farhan Akhtar and Katrina Kaif. The world famous Michelin guide. Other September additions to the guide include the Italian fine dining spots of El Corso, Melissa Rodriguez and Jeff Katz; South Indian restaurant Semma, among others. The awards will be announced on October 6 at a ceremony at Hudson Yards fine dining restaurant Peak.

from anomaly collection

From the collection of Anomaly | photo credit: special arrangement

Grandma’s hair care secrets

We can’t help but ask her close friend and fellow Indian diaspora champion Deepika Mutyala, whose makeup brand Live Tinted has been in demand for a long time in India. Excited by the mention of Deepika, she didn’t mention anything: “Actually, it’s so funny that you mentioned it. Deepika and I recently talked about her coming to India. I can’t wait.”

“We built this brand on the idea that great hair starts with great care first, something I learned from my mom and grandmother during the regular oiling, deep cleansing and conditioning routines they put in for me. Did as a kid. It helped me build a good foundation for my hair.”

Priyanka laughs as she remembers her husband and his brothers, Joe and Kevin, who proved themselves to be the “perfect test bunny” for Anomaly. “My husband has great hair — but like me, he’s put it through the use of a lot of product and hot styling tools,” she admits. “I remember the first time she used shampoo and conditioner…

on-screen stories

And indeed there are many such stories. Priyanka is in post-production for her upcoming mini series strongholdand is in pre-production for the action film end thingsco-starring Anthony Mackie, and he’s up for production for Cowboy Ninja Viking With Chris Pratt.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas on the sets of Citadel

Priyanka Chopra Jonas on the sets of stronghold
, photo credit: special arrangement

Clearly, conscious consumption is at the core of his approach to all areas of work. An enterprising storyteller, as featured in the sky is pink, white Tiger And in other production endeavors, Priyanka urges viewers to be mindful of the type of entertainment by which she is mediated. She does something to think about before concluding: “I think we need to recognize that as consumers we not only have power but also responsibility. Like anything, it’s about demand and supply. …if you demand a certain type of content and support it by going to theaters or streaming it, more such stories will be told.”

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