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Prevent razor bumps with these expert-approved tips

Among the many methods of removing body and facial hair, shaving Considered the most economical and fast. However, the method has its disadvantages – one of them is the development of small dotted bumps on the skin, called ‘Strawberry Skin’, especially on the feet. But there are some easy ways to prevent it; Find out what they are here.

“Small bumps often develop after shaving, and this is quite common. It is usually caused by ingrown hair He gets irritated,” Dr. Chitra V Anand, a dermatologist, wrote in her Instagram post.

The expert suggested the following ways to make sure you don’t get razor bumps next time:

* Shave when the area is completely wet: Hydrating the skin before shaving reduces the chances of nicks, cuts and irritated, Plus, it softens the hair, resulting in smoother skin and closer shaving.

* Use fresh blades: Use a fresh blade that is sharp; Shaving with a blunt blade can cause razor bumps.

,Use a multi-blade razor: “Unlike a single blade razor, a multiblade razor Faster and more effective,” Dr Chitra said in the video.

*He also suggested to implement something which Foams and conditions hair This makes it easier for the razor to glide and cut the hair.

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*Make sure also exfoliate your skin 24 hours before shaving glycolic acid or lactic acid. Doing so will help soften the skin on the surface and prevent razor bumps.

“Finally, get laser hair removal if you can, so you don’t have to worry!” Dr Chitra said.

Apart from the above tips, it is equally important to shave properly. “Choose a Moisturizing shaving cream And use it after washing your face with soap and water. It will be gentle on your skin and will not cause dryness,” Pooja Nagdev, aromatherapist, cosmetologist and founder of InTur, had earlier told indianexpress.com,

She also suggested using an epilator as it pulls the hair out from the roots. “An epilator can help avoid clogged pores,” she said.

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