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Parenting tips to help your child recognize and deal with bullying at school

When Children are bullied, they often don’t realize it or they may not understand that bullying can take many forms and just believe it the other kid is joking Or be unable to identify social cues and boundaries. Guardian Let your children know that bullying is defined as repeated, hostile, and unwanted behavior that causes emotional or physical harm to the victim and there is no way to stop it.

Be prepared to have serious conversations with your children, asking them about their day and how they are feeling. In your role as a parent, you need to decide how much knowledge your children have about bullying and what actions to take if they experience it.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Neelima Kamrah, Principal, KIIT World School, shared, “Bullying has a negative impact on children, both mentally and physically. Children can endure emotional issues such as depression and anxiety, which can result in substance addiction and poor academic performance. Interact with your child to learn about the challenges they face every day at school.”

She advised, “Pay close attention to how they choose to express themselves. If kids often complain about what’s happening at school you may need to step into it. Also, let them know.” By teaching through role-playing, you can help them to avoid a situation. This builds the child’s confidence. Therefore, it is important to develop effective communication with your child.”

Speaking on the subject of bullying in schools, Pankaj Kumar Singh, MD, Cambridge Pre-School, said, “The administration of a school cannot simply say that it is up to the parents. Parents cannot blame teachers only. They (teachers) can. Argue that it’s not their job. Additionally, young people have no excuse to claim, “I was too afraid to inform.” Each of us must play our part. We all share the blame.” He suggested:

1. Listen – Do not interrupt the child while telling the story. It may open a window of opportunity for them to talk about the emotional turmoil they may be experiencing as part of their healing.

2. Trust – Bullying can trigger a variety of emotions. The ability to advocate effectively depends on a parent’s ability to gain the trust of their children.

3. Try to lift others up – Tell your child that it is not his fault and that he did not bring it upon himself. Stay away from making negative comments about your child or children being bullied. Isolation is a real risk to your child if you constantly criticize them.

4. Wait patiently – It is possible that children think that telling an adult will not make the situation better or they are concerned that the bully will retaliate. Your child may be feeling awkward, distant, scared or humiliated. Parents can help their children find what works best for them personally.

5. Children have to learn to defend themselves – To protect their children from being bullied at school, adults should encourage them to take a position. Youth should be instructed on appropriate responses if they are bullied.

6. Inculcate in them a sense of self-worth Helping children cultivate a healthy sense of self-worth is another effective strategy for preventing bullying. Children who carry themselves with confidence are less likely to be selected. Children need encouragement and help from their parents. Honor their modest achievements.

7. Get your child to talk as much as possible – Helping your child find their voice is one way you can work to reduce the spread of bullying at school. Inspire youth to be authentic, stand up against injustice and share what they think. Self-assured individuals are less likely to be picked on by bullies.

Bullying has long been a problem in schools, but in recent years it has taken on a more serious form as if it is getting worse. It is the duty of parents to prevent bullying in homes and neighborhoods and to protect children who are victims of it. Raising kind children will not be an easy task but it is necessary to do so.

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