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On World Patient Safety Day, WHO stresses on ending unsafe medicine practices, errors

On World Patient Safety Day, WHO Saturday highlighted the need to prevent avoidable harm in health care systems with a focus on ending unsafe drug practices and errors.

In addition to significant disability and death, unsafe medication practices and errors cost the world an estimated US$42 million annually.

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In low and middle income countries – including WHO Southeast Asia Region – Patient loss due to unsafe care contributes to an estimated 134 million adverse events annually, resulting in approximately 2.6 million deaths, said Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, WHO’s regional director for South-East Asia.

Unsafe medication practices and errors can occur at different stages. The result is weak. can be from Medicine System or human factors such as fatigue, poor environmental conditions or lack of staff, she said in a statement.

Since 2015, the WHO South-East Asia Region has made targeted efforts to reduce unsafe drug practices and errors, with a focus on addressing counterfeit and substandard products and enhancing patient safety and reporting systems.
There is a specific sector-wide focus to reduce drug-related harm in elderly patient care, intensive care, highly specialized or surgical care, and emergency medicine, Singh said in the statement.

WHO continues to support countries in the region to adopt a systems-wide approach in promoting safe medicine Practice with a focus on multiple priorities.

This is done by supporting policy makers to establish systems for patient safety incident reporting and learning. Second, by empowering healthcare leaders to develop standard operating procedures for safe drug use while increasing health workers’ training and adherence, she said.

health workers Supported to stay up to date on safe pharmaceutical practices. Also, both healthcare professionals and patients are encouraged to be aware of and act on WHO’s ‘Learn, Test, Ask’ protocols, which aim to raise public awareness of the importance of using medicine safely. Is.

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