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‘No cheat days; There is room for Chole Bhature, Kachori, Gelato Ice Cream, Malai Gahawar in my diet: Taapsee Pannu

There is no doubt about it Taapsee Pannu One of the fittest actors in B-Town. But behind this, there is a tremendous effort to keep the lean body active and eat in a controlled way. It didn’t come as a surprise when the actor shared that he didn’t take any steroids to build an athletic body for his role. Rashmi Rocket, And instead there was “overcoming poor metabolism”.

description of the same euphoric (Available in Audio Format on Audible), a book by celebrity nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal that chronicles Taapsee’s exemplary body transformation journey as well as a “10-week holistic program consisting of seasonal meal plans, recipes, exercises” Encourages a gut balance lifestyle routine, sleep hygiene tips and yoga practice”, explains Munmun indianexpress.com,

In a candid conversation with this outlet, Pannu, who starred in films Slap And pink opened up about her fitness journey, diet secrets, favorite foods and fitness. Edited excerpt below:

What is included in a complete diet?

Something that tastes good and gets digested quickly. I prefer something that doesn’t make me gain weight unnecessarily, even when I’m working out.

What is your fitness mantra?

I prefer a combination of a good diet and exercise because I have always been an active person. I do not like to sit in one place for a long time. Even as a kid, I was an outsider who loved to play a variety of sports; Hence, I like a combination of both.

How do you ensure that you eat good and healthy food amid your busy schedule?

First, nothing happens without making yourself a priority. Jobs come and go, but if you really aren’t in your best health, I don’t think you can enjoy all the money you’re going to make. That being said, I really don’t think the kinds of diet plans I’ve been given are so difficult to maintain because they’re basic, including: lentils, breadAnd Vegetable; But instead of aata roti, I have a roti made from jowar. i have things like that too biryani, CurdAnd A dish in South Asian cuisine made of rice and lentilsSmoothie, and roasted with fruit or honey cheese Seasoned with salt and pepper, which are easy to make.

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So, it hasn’t been a challenge and I’ve been able to follow through with ease over the years. But, it was something that was adding to the stress and pressure in my work, which is already so busy all the time, I would not have been able to keep up. Therefore, I believe that a healthy and good diet can be maintained very easily if you want to make an effort to keep yourself fit.

Do you follow the same diet when you shoot late at night?

Only when I am stressed about my food, I shoot till late at night – which I hate. Not being a late night person, I don’t really enjoy eating (late) at night. I sleep till 10 o’clock; So when I have to work from 6 PM to 6 AM, I usually have small things to eat that get digested quickly and give me instant energy – like smoothies, cheeseAnd any kind of soup.

Do you believe in cheat days? If yes, what is your breakfast on such days?

There are no cheat days in my diet plan because it has everything. there is room for Chole bhatureKachori, and gelato ice cream for the cake, even though I don’t have a sweet tooth. I also have Malai Gahwar Whenever I go to Jaipur. So, it’s just about when and how much you’re eating; One should not go overboard.

I have never avoided anything in terms of food, but having said that you cannot eat such food every day. So it’s perfectly fine to choose one day a week to savor your taste buds.

What is your favorite meal of the day and why?

I really enjoy a full lunch because I can have whatever I want – from Pav Bhaji, Chole Bhature To dosa-sambariWith minimal restrictions.

Your go-to healthy snack?

I’m really fond of ghee-roasted makhanasi Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

How would you describe your transformation journey to Rashmi RocketAnd what challenges have you faced?

It was a very ‘by the book’ process. Because I had very little time to build my body Rashmi Rocket, I didn’t have the option to slow down. I didn’t want to take any steroids to speed up the process; So I had to push myself harder in the gym. Another difficulty I faced while shooting in Haridwar was that there you cannot have non-vegetarian food, so I had to get all the proteins I needed to build my muscles. Vegetarian Meal. Also I improved my metabolism and built the kind of muscle that I did Rashmi Rocket without taking any steroids.

Plus, I had to get up around five in the morning to hit the gym or the track at six. After two hours of workout I had to get ready on the set by 9 pm, from where I would vacate at 9 pm and rest, rest, refresh and sleep for an hour because no So my body would not be fine. Ready for that kind of rigorous training again. So, everything was heavily rationed, including my time.

What does your fitness routine look like?

I work out six days a week which I put in the sense that I don’t do everything at once. For example, one day I’ll only do lower body exercises, and another day I’ll only do upper body exercises. I set aside a day just for the core and cardio And then I repeat that three-day plan for the next three days. I’ve tried to split it so that it doesn’t overwhelm me.

Any health tips you swear by?

When people ask me about maintaining a healthy lifestyle in addition to doing physical activity, I tell them you have to sleep. I love sleeping eight hours because it really helps me start my day again. Also, do not eat too late at night, take your last meal by 7 pm. Also do basic things like staying active, eating on time and getting eight hours of sound sleep.

How do you motivate yourself on days when you don’t want to workout or eat healthy?

See, it is not necessary to work out every day. Also, you should listen to your body. But when I am not able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I motivate myself by changing my mood and becoming more positive, optimistic, upbeat and active. I do this because it really changes the way I feel inside and it helps to remove the negative feeling.

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